Lillian L. Siu, MD, FAACR, Elected as American Association for Cancer Research President-Elect for 2024-2025

Pangea Scientific Advisory Board Member, Dr. Lillian Siu was named President-Elect of the  American Association for Cancer Research Board for 2024-2025

Using AI to Revolutionize Precision Oncology

Dr. Amar Drawid sat down with Tuvik Beker to discuss the evolution of precision medicine, the challenges in matching the right drugs to the right patient, and how Pangea uses AI to analyze expression data and gene interaction maps to select the most effective drugs for individual patients.

Startups Are Using AI to Predict Responses to Cancer Drugs

Brian Gormley talked with Tuvik Beker and other AI and oncology experts about how startups are using AI to accurately diagnose and treat cancer patients.

Spectrum of Response to Platinum and PARP Inhibitors in Germline BRCA–Associated Pancreatic Cancer in the Clinical and Preclinical Setting

glBRCA pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) has a favorable response to platinum/PARP inhibition. However, most patients develop resistance. Additional treatment options for this unique subpopulation are needed. We generated model systems in PDXs and an ex vivo system (EVOC) that faithfully recapitulate these specific clinical scenarios as a platform to investigate the mechanisms of resistance for further drug development. In this study, we aimed to recapitulate the glBRCA PDAC population spectrum of responses to platinum and PARPi therapy, to explore the genomic and clinical features that may lead to different responses, and to investigate the mechanisms of resistance.

Pangea, FibroFighters Partner to Advance Rare Liver Cancer Treatment

Pangea announces its partnership with patient-centric advocacy organization FibroFighters to advance treatment for fibrolamellar carcinoma (FLC) patients.

Pangea Partners with FibroFighters to Advance Rare Liver Cancer Treatment

Pangea will conduct ENLIGHT analyses for FibroFighters’ patients to suggest treatment avenues, compare recommended treatments to actual outcomes, and improve models for response prediction

Pangea Biomed’s Ranit Aharonov: “Cancer-hunting AI”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Ranit Aharonov to talk about this moment for artificial intelligence, studying the brain, Project Debater, neural networks, language’s AlphaGo moment, the big idea at Pangea, getting it into the hands of doctors and drug communities, the role of AI in this tool, the regulatory limits, and why she didn’t debate the AI she created.

Precision Oncology Driven by Understanding Gene Interactions and Vulnerability of Tumors with Tuvik Beker and Ranit Aharonov

Karen Jagoda brings on Tuvik Beker and Ranit Aharonov to talk about precision oncology and the understanding of gene interactions and vulnerability of tumors.

Dr. Lillian Siu Joins Pangea Biomed’s Scientific Advisory Board

Pangea announced that Dr. Lillian L. Siu, MD, FASCO, an internationally-renowned cancer researcher, has joined its scientific advisory board as the company continues to increase patient benefits by 5x using precision oncology and its multi-cancer response predictor.

Pangea Biomed: This Company Has Developed A Multi-Cancer And Multi-Therapy Response Predictor To Improve Patient Lives

Pangea CTO, Ranit Aharonov sat down with Amit Chowdhry from Pulse 2.0 to discuss her background in technology, all things Pangea and more!

Eyal Gottlieb, Ph.D., to join MD Anderson as Vice President of Research

Pangea co-founder, Eyal Gottlieb, Ph.D., will be joining the #1 cancer center in the world, MD Anderson Cancer Center, as vice president for Research.

Pangea Case Study Published in JITC

Pangea’s case report on the success of an ENLIGHT-matched treatment for a woman with rare liver cancer has been published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC).

New Published Findings in Med Establish Efficacy of Pangea Biomed’s ENLIGHT Platform

The findings on Pangea’s ENLIGHT platform, which applies unsupervised learning techniques to transcriptomic data, are published in Med.

Health Tech: Tuvik Beker Of Pangea Biomed On How Their Technology Can Make An Important Impact On Our Overall Wellness

Pangea CEO discusses the impact that technology can have on society with David Leichner.

Empowered Patient Podcast with Tuvik Beker

Tuvik Beker, CEO of Pangea Biomed, sat down to chat with Karen Jagoda about how the company is looking for more accurate biomarkers for oncology to determine better who might benefit from a specific drug.

Interview with Tuvik Beker – Downturns: How to Survive and Thrive

In this edition of MASH (Marketing Advice for Startups in Healthcare), VSC sat down with Tuvik Beker, the CEO of Pangea Biomed, a startup building an algorithmic platform called ENLIGHT to democratize precision oncology.

Pangea Biomed Nets Additional $5M in Seed Funds

Tel Aviv, Israel-headquartered Pangea has raised a total of $12 million in seed funding since it emerged from stealth mode in April. The funds come from angel investor Danny Tocatly and existing investor NFX.

Pangea Biomed Adds $5M for its Multi-Cancer Response Predictor

Pangea Biomed, the biotech company behind ENLIGHT, the multi-cancer response predictor improving the effectiveness of precision oncology, announced $5M in additional funding reaching a total seed round of $12M.

Onconova Therapeutics, Pangea Biomed Collaborate on AI-Driven Cancer Biomarker Study

Onconova Therapeutics on Thursday said it will collaborate with Pangea Biomed to identify biomarkers of response to Onconova’s cancer drug candidate rigosertib.

Onconova Therapeutics and Pangea Biomed Enter into Research Collaboration to Identify Biomarkers of Response to Rigosertib

Onconova Therapeutics and Pangea Biomed collaborate to leverage Pangea’s ENLIGHT platform in identifying biomarkers of response to Onconova’s cancer drug candidate rigosertib.

Pangea Biomed Adds $5M in Additional Funding for its Multi-Cancer Response Predictor Technology

The funding extension, which brings the total seed round to $12M, will advance Pangea’s goal to expand commercial partnerships and US operations.

Ruppin synthesizes cross-field expertise to study synthetic lethality

Eytan Ruppin has won the ASBMB’s 2023 DeLano Award in Computational Biology.

Faces of Digital Health Podcast hosts Pangea Biomed CEO, Tuvik Beker

AI, Precision Oncology, and Understanding Cancer (Pangea Biomed)

Beginner’s Mind Podcast hosts Pangea Biomed CEO, Tuvik Beker

How to Start a Life Science Company in Israel and Raise Capital in Silicon Valley

Meet the nominees for the 2022 VentureBeat Women in AI Awards!

Dr. Ranit Aharonov, Chief Technology Officer, Pangea Biomed was awarded the 2022 Women In AI Research award from VentureBeat.

Neighborhood Watch: Pangea Pursues Group Approach to Precision Oncology

Israeli company emerges from stealth with seed funding touting “the next revolution in precision oncology”, powered by its ENLIGHT platform, designed to predict responses to therapies for dozens of cancers.

Pangea Biomed reels in $7M for pan-cancer response predictor

Pangea Biomed Ltd. picked up $7 million in seed financing to fast-track the development of its multicancer, multitherapy response predictor ENLIGHT.

Why NFX Invested in Pangea Biomed, the Startup Matching Cancer Patients with the Right Therapies

Pangea Biomed is a Tel Aviv-based precision oncology biotech company building the world’s most advanced multi-cancer response predictor.

Israeli company debuts multi-cancer response predictor

Pangea Biomed Launches Multi-Cancer Response Predictor, Increasing cancer Patient Benefits from Precision Oncology by 5x.

Pangea appoints Dr. Ezra Cohen as Chairman of its Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Cohen will lead Pangea’s SAB as the company identifies the most impactful applications of ENLIGHT.

New Collaborative Study Uses Pangea’s Platform to Create World’s First Sequencing-Free, Transcriptomics-Based Drug Response Predicting System

Published in bioRxiv, the study leverages Pangea Biomed’s ENLIGHT platform to develop a novel approach to precision cancer care that combines AI techniques and digital pathology, bypassing the need for expensive and time-consuming DNA and RNA sequencing

Preprint of Pangea-led collaboration now on bioRxiv

Showcasing ENLIGHT’s ability to improve both personalized oncology and clinical trial design.