The next revolution in precision oncology

We have a bold ambition to combine emerging and disruptive biological, multi-omics, and machine learning technologies to redefine cancer care.

Our goal is to significantly accelerate drug discovery, achieve a noninvasive and highly personalized treatment course for each patient, and improve clinical efficiency and outcomes.


Only about 15% of cancer patients respond to today’s precision oncology treatments. We are introducing the next chapter in oncology - one where medical innovation knows no bounds and the patient response rates are much higher.

Here’s how: By leveraging RNA sequencing data, the synthetic lethality approach, and deep multi-omics analyses, we provide unique, clinically relevant insights that empower the pharma industry to develop better drugs, repurpose existing drugs, and optimize the overall cost of development. We also help oncologists pinpoint the therapeutic option most likely to elicit a treatment response in each patient.

Our Platform

The world's first and only pan-cancer response predictor

Meet Enlight – a proprietary, machine learning-powered, deep multi-omics tumor analysis platform that translates cancer big data into actionable molecular signatures.

Powered by an unsupervised and indication-agnostic approach, Enlight unleashes the true power of RNA sequencing. It offers response prediction and drug target identification capabilities across an extensive array of cancer types and therapies.

Enlight's accuracy and efficacy has been demonstrated by strong published evidence.

Improved biomarkers for drug trials

Expanded indications for existing drugs

3X increase in patient response rate

Identification of novel drug targets

Optimal choice of combination therapies


AI-enabled precision drug development

With highly accurate predictive pan-cancer machine learning algorithms, Enlight helps predict new drug response, extend indications of existing drugs, and repurpose failed drugs. It helps achieve better patient stratification and optimize drug development from its early stages. Enlight’s secret is in its ability to create genetic interaction maps surrounding the known drug targets. Based on these maps, accurate predictions can be made way before large drug and indication-specific datasets are available.

Patient-specific predictive cancer care

The proprietary Enlight Matching Score (EMS) provides oncologists and other healthcare professionals with clear, intuitive, and effective treatment priorities. EMS is designed to help improve each patient’s outcome, even in the most challenging cancer cases.

The approach used by Enlight has been validated in a retrospective analysis of 1,000+ patients who received immunotherapy or targeted therapy, which demonstrated that treatments with a high EMS are three times more likely than standard cancer care to elicit response.


Future-ready collaborations

Our collaborations leverage combined resources, technology, and know-how in pursuit of a common goal – shaping the future of cancer medicine. Our research collaborations leverage Enlight to study disease mechanisms, extending Enlight’s abilities by incorporating novel sequencing technologies such as single-cell and liquid-based sequencing. Our pharma and biotech collaborations use Enlight to improve clinical programs.  Our collaborations with NGS labs help develop and validate novel transcriptomic and multi-omic biomarkers.

Our Publications

Our publications reflect the latest developments and findings at the intersection of precision oncology and artificial intelligence, as well as our commitment to promoting research for the benefit of those battling cancer.


November 2021
Professor J. Silvio Gutkind joins Pangea’s Scientific Advisory Board

Leading researcher and NAM member to contribute to Pangea

April 2021
Cell publishes article co-authored by Pangea

On Precision Oncology via the Tumor Transcriptome


Our Company DNA ...and RNA

Founded in 2018, Pangea is a venture-backed life science startup that is transforming the way cancer is treated. Day in and day out, we work hard to build on genomic medicine, which has powered the recent advances in precision oncology and cancer care. Combining machine learning and RNA analysis, we are mapping tumor molecular signatures to dynamically and adaptively personalize cancer care for a healthier world.

Our company DNA is determination, collaboration, and an insatiable thirst for innovation.

Our company RNA is our researchers, executive team, and employees – who bring our message to the world.

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