BIO-Europe Spring 2024

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Our COO Emmanuel Elalouf attended BIO-Europe Soring to connect with leading pharma executives.

European Society for Medical Oncology 2022

Our CEO Tuvik Beker and COO Emmanuel Elaouf attended the conference to meet with industry leaders and executives.

EACR-OECI Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer

Our CEO Tuvik Beker presented a talk titled, “ENLIGHT: Predicting response to cancer therapy based on gene expression patterns from RNAseq or H&E slides.”

The New World of RNA Diagnostics and Therapeutics at the Elena Cancer Center

CTO Ranit Aharonov presented a presentation titled, “Prediction of Cancer Treatment Response from Histopathology Images Through Imputed Transcriptomics.”

American Association of Cancer Research 2023

Our CEO Tuvik Beker and Head of Research Gal Dinstag attended AACR to connect with leading oncology executives. Gal presented two posters on ENLIGHT and the ENLIGHT-DP framework.

Biomed Israel 2023

Our CEO Tuvik Beker gave a presentation on ENLIGHT at Biomed Israel 2023.

ARC Summit 2023

CEO Tuvik Beker gave a presentation about ENLIGHT at the ARC summit in Tel Aviv, Israel.

BIO International Convention 2023

COO Emmanuel Elalouf attended the Bio International Convention in Boston to meet with industry leaders and executives.

American Society of Clinical Oncology 2023

Our CTO Ranit Aharonov and COO Emmanuel Elalouf attended ASCO 2023. Ranit presented two posters: one on our ENLIGHT technology and the other on the ENLIGHT-DP framework.

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC)

Pangea presented a poster on the predictiveness of ENLIGHT technology.