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Senior researcher

We are looking for a Chemical Engineer to join our team and help our organization implement, analyze and improve processes and equipment in our plants.

Chemical Engineer responsibilities include conducting research studies, designing solutions, and overseeing the implementation and troubleshooting of various procedures.

Ultimately, you will work with a team of Engineers to identify opportunities in our plants and oversee plans to improve efficiency and safety.


As an academic researcher, you'll need to:

  • organise your own time and budget effectively, including for off-site and overseas visits
  • analyse large sets of data and information, drawing relevant conclusions
  • work to deadlines as required by fund or grant holder
  • prepare and deliver presentations at national and international conferences to large audiences
  • prepare and write high quality papers for submission to peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings
  • participate in group meetings with other researchers and support staff
  • apply for sources of external funding in addition to that provided by your employer
  • undertake thorough and comprehensive literature reviews